Trust Magazine

Trust Magazine is a serie of handmade artist’s books released as part of the performance ‘Akoya Books’. This serie aims to progressively and collectively analyze the concept of contemporary art in an atemporal context while showcasing requested artworks, essays, poetry, interviews and other engagements in wider contemporary discourses as a response of a chosen topic. The topic of discussion changes in every issue.

Editor’s Letter:

Trust Magazine Issue 1 – Flexibility (2014)
Printed in: English/Japanese
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The contributors invited to discuss the topic of flexibility are: Massimiliano Bomba, Federica Cornelli, Nina Cristante, Beatrice De Giacomo, Rachel De Joode, Rózsa Zita Farkas, James Ferraro, Francoise Gamma, Salome Ghazanfari, Julian Hoffman, Robert Thomas Heppell, Jude MC, Samuel Membery, Mikako Mifajyar Mitani, Riyo Nemeth, Tim Neugebauer, Yuri Pattison, Mark Pieterson, Mitch Posada, Rafaël Rozendaal, Daniel Swan, Lorenzo Senni, Charles Verni, Amalia Ulman, Simone Trabucchi, and Paula Wik.


Trust Magazine Issue 0 – Art Therapy (2013)

Printed in: English only
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The contributors invited to discuss the topic of art as therapy are: Giovanni Leonardo Bassan, Federica Cornelli, Dean Mayo Davies, Dominik Dvorak, Adrianna Glaviano, Julian Hoffman, Valentina Pieri, Almanac Projects, Jean-François Santhéo Le Minh and Charles Verni.

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