Oxhy – i was a story the brain told itself: solastalgia

Artwork by oxhy

b4 humans there were the dialectics of the planets,
@xquisite-2 watched on in patience

home made german ambience round 1 — unknown
7th element — vitas
home made german ambience round 2 — unknown
Pari (Feat. Lil Flash) [Prod. By Nitti Beatz] Gucci Mane x Dane Law — Unite (proxhy self assured seduction)
home made german ambience round 3 — unknown
Ribbon Reseaux — My Blue Heaven x MurDa — Final Assualt (doxhy changeling approach)
home made german ambience round 4 — unknown (coxhy leave bass in the water fund)
unknown — thanks to bossa nova story tho
DRIFTKING — The Movement Trust
she bleeds — terribilis
cv — infernal butcherress
U+270C ✌ — ?ae☠n
angel_dust3 — unkown
ai meu piru novinha senta deva
koochike — Farhood (loxy forget me not fondle)
carns hill ❤
dj save the nhs — jeremy hunts excruciating death
uli k + killavesi — u can have it
niki minaj haters you can kill yourself
Kophedra — the drycore understand just me
Ornine — Outawar
Brood Ma — Goldman Sax
Yikii✿M18 –次元崩壞 dimension / collapsing
Pyre — 04 prologue x psychosocial (goxy formative assignment flail)
steuea — en gros
final baba nia freestyle
Ganx — will it get any worse?
Bootz Durango — Tinashe 2 on cover