IF/Itokawa Film

What does Itokawa Film mean to you and how did you come up with the brand name?
Itokawa is a Japanese word, which translates into thread river. Also it is the name of an asteroid discovered by the Japanese in 1998. Film is a widely used phenomenon consisting of a virtual entity or place where images are recorded, played and replayed back over and over again, presented and represented and manipulate still and moving images. The name is ambiguous and represents the design collaboration and the synergy behind it.

You’ve kept your collections rather small so far, why is that?
So far we have made two small collections. Keeping them small enables us to put together a concise message, we are slowly increasing the size of the collections as the brand gains the momentum.

The idea, I read, is to establish a lifestyle brand. What does that mean to you – and how would you define that lifestyle?
We are interested in producing products outside of just clothing collections that transcend the normalities of fashion collections. So far we have produced some art in the form of limited edition prints – our intention is to provide an experience that is unique and provides an enhancement in a lifestyle context. How this will manifest is yet to be fully explored.


In my eyes your work is a bit of a blend of sportswear and a very digital component. Aesthetically the two go together very well, as both are “technical”. Yet, in a world that steadily becomes more digital where people want to marry their laptops could you try and explain to me the hype of sportswear? Sports are everything but digital, still the world and the www in particular seem obsessed with them.
The Internet and our modern relationships with technology has changed everything. Fashion and technology have never been so related and entwined and sportswear was the perfect way of enhancing this contemporary identity in the beginning, but this is only the beginning.

Considering you guys basically started out exchanging images via email how much of an influence does the internet have on fashion today? And what development do you expect? Do you see a risk in this at all?
Nothing is sacred any more. ‘Fresh’ today dies quicker than ever before. The internet and the spread of images and hype enables something to be seen everywhere before it is even had time to solidify. The internet is very exciting and enables innovation and knowledge but also over-exposes things too quickly, leaving people confused and bewildered in terms of connection to something.



Given that development, where do you see IF five years from now?
Very hard to say. We intend to be doing what we are doing now but on a bigger scale possibly manifesting in to different outcomes.

I find the formal references in your collections very intriguing, as, except for matching fabrics, they seem to contrast with the technical pieces. Is that a nod to british heritage or something else entirely?
The formal references are based on traditional mens garments, not from a particular place or time, but more to emphasis the wearability and timelessness of our collections. We are interested in a kind of West meets East aesthetic resulting in a cultivated elegance.

How important is collaboration to you? First, between you two and second, with other brands. What’s to lose, what to gain?
Collaboration between us is vital to ensure IF stays true to its origins and collaborations with other brands and designers. It enables us to extend the product range and reach of the brand.

It might be me but in a way I do see a lot of chav in your work. Where do you guys come from, and how did you grow up?
We both grew up in the same era, but in different parts of the country. British subculture is definitely a massive influence on us. For us it is more a 90s rave and old school garage influence than chav, however those same things do influence a modern sportswear aesthetic as they have become timeless.

Trust being an independent magazine, IF being an independent fashion brand both up and coming: what’s the greatest challenge you see for projects like that these days?
The challenge of a new venture especially when so ethereal can seem overwhelming and unrealistic at times, but if there is a vision you want to pursue and you have the drive to see it though then it is a beautiful thing when it comes together.