9/classiques/souls – 2116.7

Artwork by Nuno Patrício

Bishock infinite – Dialogue
Ambient Sounds- Indoors during storm (edit)
Dark Soundscapes, Movie Ambiences, Sci Fi Sound Effects (edit)
Sci-Fi / Dark Ambient / Power Noise HD / (edit)
Silent Hill OST – Down Time
Stegosaurus walking (edit)
Silent hill – All (edit)
Sounds Of Mercury (edit)
Vision of Escaflowne – Arcadia (edit)
Silent hill 3 – head No.2 (edit)
Silent Hill 3 OST – Memory of the Waters (edit)
vision of Escaflowne – Arcadia – (edit 2)
Warfare sound effect 2 – Distant firefight
Anonymous 4 & Netherlands Radio Choir – Pater Noster
Mind:Body:Fitness – Live Cuts Negga Negga ft Chacha
bestfriendsproductions – Greimsgu
Metal Gear Solid 5 The Phantom Pain – How to Unlock D-Walker (edit)
ANGEL-HO – Child of Destiny Prelude
Goodnight Mommy – Ich seh Ich seh – scene edit