Akoya Books is a performance art piece by Federica Cornelli, started in 2013 with the production of 100 handmade copies of both artist’s books Trust Magazine:
Issue 0 – Art Therapy (2013) and Issue 1 – Flexibility (2014).

Founded in London as an independent publishing house and on-line art gallery, Akoya Books published this serie of handmade artist’s books, which spread their diary-like content between the world wide web and real life, with the aim of progressively and collectively analyse the concept of contemporary art and collective culture in an atemporal context while highlighting the importance of the concept of trust in our time. The artist curated and designed the publications, website and exhibitions without a specific time bounding, but actually playing with the idea of time. While collaborating with international artists she displayed how, by constantly challenging herself in many different tasks, a human can work on different tasks at the same time especially in contexts that are supposed to support, protect and inspire the masses such as Art Publications. Born with the imprint of a feminist performance, it grows and matures with the artist. It portraits our contemporary like an intimate diary and showcases requested artworks, essays, poetry, interviews and other engagements in wider contemporary discourses as a response of a chosen topic, which changes in every issue. Fundamental to this praxis is the idea that every artist involved needs to challenge him or herself by doing something that they’ve never done before. This performance is also about the documentation of constant personal development and its union with that of others so as to showcase a broader consciousness. To integrate the tangible books there are two compilations of both mixtapes and tracks, which are available on the section ‘music’: aural sculptures, phonic extensions of its publications, a manner by which artists, sound producers and djs express their vision of the discussed topic taken in consideration in each book. No specific location is or ever was required in order to contribute as it is intentional to include contributions from different parts of the world allowing the personal culture of each contributor to bring new insights into discussion. The latest publication, Trust Magazine Issue 2 ‘Strength’, is released as an audio book composed by various meditations recorded with the use of a Tibetan singing bowl made of clear quartz toned to the F note, which is related to the healing of the heart chakra, and therefore of auras. This issue is dedicated to all humans who have traumas to recover from, but in particular to the healing of female energy.

For further information about the artworks, please contact the artist.

Defined by curator and art lawyer Alana Kushnir, from Serpentine Galleries, as a “post-internet artist”, Federica graduated from LCC (University of the Arts London) in 2015.
She currently lives and works in Italy, her homeland. 

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